The E46 BMW 3 Series

Over time, brake pads on any car are likely to wear out. Therefore, they will be changed as soon as they have worn out. If your would like to change the brake pads with your E46 BMW 3 Series, you are able to follow the steps given below.

Step #1 Remove the tire

First coming from all, it is best to loosen the wheel nuts utilizing a spanner. Next, you ought to lift the auto from one side with an effective car jack in order that there is no contact between tire along with the ground. Afterward, you ought to remove the nuts and separate the wheel from your hub.

Step #2 Remove the disc calipers

Use a screwdriver to get rid of the clip through the caliper. Then you need to access the sliding bolts by taking off the pair of dust caps around the back on the calipers. Now, you should utilize a 7mm Allen key to take off the pair of sliding bolts and separate it from your assembly. That’s when it is possible to remove the caliper through the brake disc and access the brake pads.

Step #3 Replace the brake pads

After you’ve removed the worn-out brake pads, you’ll be able to remove the cap from the brake fluid bottle. When you push the piston, the brake fluid will come back to the fluid reservoir. Now, you should make space for your fresh brake pads.

Greasing the sides on the piston will help you slide it easily. Now, you ought to apply grease to your edges and rear from the brake pads so that you’ll be able to slide them in with no problem. Slide the caliper into the disc by tapping it slightly by using a hammer. At this stage, you would like to ensure that the pads and calipers will be in the right place.

Now, you may grease the caliper sliding bolts to screw them inside the thread and socket. Finally, you’ll be able to replace the dust cover and make use of a screwdriver to clip around the face on the caliper.

Step #4 Reattach the wheels

Now, you are able to use a wheel spanner to slide the wheel back on the hub from the wheel. Make sure that you adhere to the star configuration. Next, lower the jack to get the car back for the ground. Finally, be sure to tighten each nut individually.
Lastly, repeat precisely the same process around the second wheel.

Step #5 Check the brake fluid level

Once you might have replaced the pads, you need to check the brake fluid to make certain it’s up towards the max level. If there is an excessive amount of fluid, it is best to use a syringe to get out the liquid.

BMW X5 Overheating Problems

If you are looking for just a mid-sized SUV by BMW, you could possibly check out BMW X5, aka the E53 model. In this article, we’re going to talk about this luxury vehicle and also the most common heating issues you could possibly have using this type of car, plus the steps you may take to counteract or fix these complaints. Read on for more info.

Primary Reasons for an overheating BMW X5 Engine

Your BMW engine may overheat for any number of reasons, for example lack of coolant, blocked radiator, or non-functional radiator fan, for example. Normally, overheating occurs as a consequence of an inefficient cooling system, which is the results of a failed thermostat or water pump.

In case with the water pump failure, your car may start overheating as well as the radiator fan will spin at full speed to cool down down the engine. Plus, the automobile will go into limp mode plus the message ‘engine temperature excessive drive moderately’ look.
In certain instances, the temperature sensors become faulty and offer a false reading. The good news is these particular sensors will not be that expensive for replace.

Problems Explained

Unlike other cars, the E70 BMW X5 comes with a electric water pump that has a tendency to wear out as time passes. This plastic pump just isn’t as reliable since the mechanical one within most traditional cars. A faulty water pump needs to be replaced as quickly as possible to solve the condition.

Here is the place you can Avoid This Problem

If you flush the coolant and replace the pinnacle gasket regularly, perhaps it will solve most engine overheating issues. So, if you see the temperature rising unusually, it is best to stop driving your car or truck and go on it to a qualified mechanic. After all, you dont want to end up with a major breakdown.

Here is How you may Fix This Problem

An easy way of fixing the condition is to find the water pump substituted for the original one. Generally, the usage of aftermarket parts is just not recommended when they may not be certified. In few cases, these parts may are better than the OEM ones.

You could go ahead fix the overheating difficulty with your BMW X5, specifically if you have the specified skills. Alternatively, you may hire the services of an good, certified mechanic to develop the overheating issues fixed in your case. Remember: if you don’t possess the required skills, chances are you’ll end up damaging the engine further.

In short, the BMW is definitely an good luxury car, but it might require many maintenance if you wish it to work properly for many years. If you want to purchase a used one, we advise that you check its maintenance records. Ideally, you wish to get a vehicle from a good, reputable dealer.